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Immobili in Vendita e in Affitto a Puig d’en Valls

Puig d’en Valls is a small town with a local parish, located just over two kilometers from the city of Ibiza, yet belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia. Originally an agricultural area, with simple peasant houses, the community of Puig d’en Valls has become a prominent residential neighborhood with a central church, surrounded by some typical authentic bars and restaurants, a traditional and local atmosphere, and spectacular views of the port of Ibiza.  

Although Puig d’en Valls stands out for its tranquillity and quaint atmosphere, the area is predominantly without tourist interest, except for the Molino de Puig d’en Valls, an old flour mill (one of four on the island) which remained in operation until 1940.  Located on the top of the hill, the old mill was recently restored by The Insular Council of Ibiza to its original condition, with all mechanical characteristics preserved back to its 16th-Century activity. The landmark is now publicly owned and can be visited as a preserved historical attraction, from where you can enjoy fantastic views of the city, the harbour and the rolling hills in the distance.

A great location for those wishing to be near Ibiza town and its many amenities, while feeling part of a smaller, more intimate local community. With two great schools and various playgrounds and other sporting activities this area is an ideal option for families or young professionals. 

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Puig d’en Valls

Finca ristrutturata vicino a Ibiza, perfetta per staccare con gli amici o la famiglia.

Rif: 02841

Cas Figueroa

Puig d’en Valls

Auténtica casa ibizenca con due appartamenti per invitati a San Rafael

2.600.000 €
Rif: 6112

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